Neyonda Logo

Logo design for a Japanese style comic

Neyonda is comic book done in the Japanese comic style, known as "Manga", about a group of people with super-human abilities and power who are exploring their world.

The logo for this story had to represent a number of different elements, bringing them together without giving anything away.

The brief was to design a logo that was unique, would represent the story and be instantly recognisable. As such this logo went through a number of revisions to get to the final version.

As part of developing the logo the name of the story also went through some changes, going from two words, down to single word, this was to give the story more impact and make it more memorable.

As part of the development of the logo I also created the font, meaning that any work created for this story could use a consistent font across the board, without characters having to be created by a third-party if they were required.

Neyonda logo
Neyonda font - Concept one
Neyonda font - Concept two
Neyonda logo

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