Neon Ice

My portfolio site

NeonIce is my portfolio website, It is where I like to show off some examples of the work I have done on different projects, weather it be websites, logos, app concepts, writing or anything else that I feel like putting here.

This site tends to get an overhaul randomly, depending on how up-to-date the site looks in comparison to current web trends. This site has gone through a number of versions at this point, but it's always fun to redesign and try incorporating newer design and UI/UX ideas.

It site is generally used as a playground for testing out my new ideas and coding techniques and as such it is always changing. Which is never a bad thing as web technologies and design trends change so often it's best to keep up and experiment where you can, even if some of those changes are all under that hood - like using SASS and a pre-processor for example

I also try to keep images to a minimum and where they are used they are optimised as much as possible. An example of this would be on all website images used, the browser bar above them is all coded in HTML and CSS, with SVG's used for the dots and the hamburger icon.

I'm sure that this site will undergo more versions and changes as the year goes on, but for now I kinda like where I've got it to and I hope it give you a better idea of the sorts of thing I like to do.

Why not have a look at some of my other work?